Not Your Mother's Origami

We were only allowed to photograph these cranes. The rest of Origami: Art + Mathematics was there for our immediate amazement, but no images or videos please. There were folded insects with more detail than I get with my macro lens, and abstract shapes so lovely they took my breath away. Life-size paper koi, each fashioned from one sheet of paper, and tiny tree frogs watching over the pond. Human figures that looked to be cast in bronze. All of it folded and elegantly sculpted. There are computer programs now that can figure out the folding patterns, and somehow this all ties in to dna research and possibilities I can't begin to understand.

If you can possibly track down the PBS film Between the Folds, please do so. Who knew there was so much in a sheet of paper?

And check out origami artist Robert Lang, who has not only created amazing art pieces, but the programs that work out the folds.

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