A Blip on the Reidar

By reidar

Wireless network?

Its another late at night Blip for me today, haven't been especially busy but also haven't had my must find a photo head on today either. So I'm thinking about calling it a day for today and of course I need to take a photo of something but yet I don't feel like I'm in a panic or anything so I'm not making it an official QTAPOA scare. Still its not exactly a measured and thought out shot either.

Over the years I've amassed many different cables, wires, plugs, connectors and general electrical thingymabobs that I have several collections all jumbled up. Sometimes they get searched through to find what I need and the most popular thingymabobs end up in a huddled mass on my studio floor waiting patiently for their next time to shine and impress me. However I'm a fickle overlord to things electrical and wire bound and they usually end up discarded on the floor again.

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