I took a walk in the park this afternoon. I had my camera manual with me. I'm trying to learn a few of the more obscure features of this machine. I was sitting on a bench facing the puddle we euphemistically call a lake. This young woman and her friend (an equally attractive young woman) arrived. The friend had a camera. She is out of my frame taking a picture of her friend here doing some dance move. It was kinda weird to see them doing this here. But it made for a more interesting subject than all the geese. Speaking of geese, there must be a ton of geese shit on that grass. I think she must be new to the area.

It is Sunday evening. It was okay, as far as Sunday's go. I had dinner with my two youngest. That was nice. I feel drained though. Not from them.

I think the Lagavulin bottle is about to be opened ;)

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