Pink Tulip

This lone flower stopped traffic in the kitchen this morning when the rising sun hit it. I'm glad I got a couple of shots at it because I ended up staying home with a sick girl today so...not too many photo ops.

Not really the 730 day I had planned. But what the heck, it's a pretty flower. Besides, yesterday was supposed to be 730 but I didn't take a pic on Monday. ;)

It's been a long road since that day in February 2010, when I posted a modest, underexposed, somewhat blurry blip and stepped into this wonderful social network called blipfoto. And, now with number 730, I don't know where to start. But, if you'll indulge me, (you don't really have to read it all) I'd like to wax poetic for a moment about all this blip stuff.

This place is unlike any other I've found on the vast internets. The folks here are kind. They say nice things when they want to but move along with a glance if there's nothing to say. I have yet to run across a troll and there is very little politics. You all are blessed to be able to find the beauty in everyday life; in the smile of a stranger (or the strangers dog), in a street sign, in a store front, in a field, in the sky, or on the sea, in children's smiles and in their tears, in a perfectly poured pint or in a half empty glass. You celebrate life and mark time with one photo a day; and I don't know what I'd do without you. Frankly, I can't believe that so many of you can hit the mark day after day. You've taught me more than even I know about looking at an image, about always looking for a photo, and, again, seeing the beauty in everything around me. I think I've always been an observer; never afraid to stop and take it all in. But now, with a camera nearby, I have the wherewithal to take that photo (most of the time).

I'm thankful for you subscribers; for every single view and every single comment. I'm grateful for every heart and star. I'm in awe of the talent and dedication of the blippers around the world and of the world around those blippers that I get a glimpse of day after day.

It hasn't been easy. Most worthwhile things aren't.
But worthwhile it has been.
Thanks friends.

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