Desperately seeking

By clickychick


It was a lovely morning so I set up the tripod, opened the window and waited. Not many birds around, only the male pheasant. Ah! The seed feeder is empty! The Man went out and filled it. Definitely no birds around now (except the male pheasant and he's had a turn on blip recently)! Took a few photos (of the male pheasant) then closed the window and put the camera away and put on my coat ready to go to work.

Now where have all those birds appeared from? Siskins, great tits, blue tits, goldfinches, chaffinches, greenfinches, blackbirds..... Got the camera out again and just did the shots through the glass, hand-held.

I took the afternoon off to wait with The Mother to listen to plans by the housing association to refurbish her kitchen. She doesn't cook for herself, she could have said no to the upheaval. However the men gave her a good choice of cabinets, flooring, worktops and tiles and a computer simulation of her choices. She said yes! Now she is really looking forward to a free upgrade.

She deserves it! She's a good tenant.

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