A time for everything

By turnx3

American robin

Since the weather is changing for the weekend (much cooler, with rain tonight and extending into tomorrow morning), I once again took my exercise outside to enjoy the sunshine, and went walking this afternoon at Sharon Woods - through the gorge and around the lake. All the undergrowth in the forest of the gorge is quite dense and verdant now, and plenty of wildflowers dotted the landscape. There weren't many people out on the lake, just a few fishermen - it was early afternoon and I guess all the schools are back from Spring break now. I was hoping to see the wood ducks I have seen on my last couple of visits, but they weren't in evidence today. It was a toss-up between this robin and a whole bunch of turtles on a log for today's blip, and I finally decided on the robin, since I haven't blipped one in quite a while, and I was quite pleased to catch him with a tiny worm hanging out of his beak.
We went out to eat this evening, but now its a quiet evening at home.

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