Covered in Bees

By PaulFS


The weather forecast was for sunshine, showers, hail, snow...

But no wind!!!

A stunning day today; the rain and hail and snow were for other people, and despite the odd shower it was glorious.

If you're interested, we walked from Stonethwaite, to Lining Crag, over to Ullscarf, down to Blea Tarn via much bog, over to Watendlath Lake, down to Rosthwaite, stopped to snap this on the way and then back to Stonethwaite.

This is part of the Borrowdale Valley.

I'll tell you something - I love photography. The extra things you see that you when you're looking for *the* photo. I mean you all know this already so don't know why I'm saying it. But I am. It doesn't matter if you're good at it or not, it's a discovery.

First things, apologies to Ian and Pauline but there was no opportunity to drop in and say hello tonight. I hope you had a great weekend :o)

Secondly, apologies for not commenting, saying thanks for comments, hearts, subs, - it's not been possible this weekend - but I will catch up :o)

Thirdly - yesterdays blip - I wasn't expecting such a response. I'm genuinely humbled. Truly. Thanks blipfolk - you made this weekend away *very* special and I appreciate it more than you know.

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