Another Day Abroad

By s2

Experimenting in advance

Today we put together the last parts of the nursery.

We had great fun with stickers on the walls and setting things up.

S1 managed to find an amazing piece ok kit for a baby monitor, it includes a motion sensor.

The sensor is so sensitive it will pick up breathing, and if motion stops an alarm goes off on the baby monitor... it seemed to much to think it might possibly work as well as it says so we thought we would test it.

However, we needed something baby sized which might sleep (and breathe) in the crib.

The solution was obvious... and it all worked perfectly.

Today I'm grateful for:

- having a cafe in town which we can walk to for brunch.

- such cool technology for a baby (or maybe more for me).

- S1 suggesting we paint the spare room gender neutral... it's saved me from having to repaint as a nursery.

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