From where i stand!!!

By Dancingninja

Danbo and his gift!!

Yes danbo heard i was feeling under the weather and going on the dandelion theme thought he'd bring me a gift!!! I don't think he's heard the saying about them making you wet the bed or he may have brought me a daisy!!!

I was at my wits end this morning still in pain, regular dentist was rubbish said they would ring when they have an appointment, but they had a waiting list for emergencies, so could i please stop ringing them so they would ring when they had an appointment available!!!!

I then rang another dentist who managed to fit me in think they were a bit scared of the tearful mad woman on the other end of the phone It seems it maybe my wisdom tooth but it also maybe a tooth in my upper jaw, i had a clean and she gave me antibiotics and got to go back in a couple of weeks and see how it's settled!!

Honestly nothing like tooth ache,but then thinking is it ear, that tooth or that one, i am so tired with it all i think i may have to take to my bed with my kindle to rest up for a bit well until the kids get back anyways!!

:) X

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