Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Faces of Fiona #56

Tuesday. This is the reason we returned from the island - our day with Fiona. She is like curious George - has to explore everything - very intense today. (knitted brow) We did go to the zoo and saw the monkeys (we have to have an outing to get out of here for a bit) and she ran around so much she got tired and did have a nap for an hour, thank goodness. She understands everything very well but has her own language that we don't always understand so she gets frustrated. And we get tired. But we wouldn't trade this time with her.... they all grow up so fast.

Tonight we went to a lecture at the UW by the prof we traveled to Egypt with last year, entitled "Why a campaign stop in Seattle? the 20th C. politics of King Tut." an interesting history of the 3 different rounds of King Tut antiquities that have traveled out of Cairo to the western world and why , and is it art or science and where does egyptology fit? The newest King Tut exhibit opens next month in Seattle at the Science Center. (we saw it in Denver's art museum 2 years ago). The last time it was here at the Art Museum in "78. (and also at the Art museum in "62.)

Enough for me for one day. G'nite!

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