Fishing party

What do you mean, the photo is out of focus? Well you try combining a picture of a little sign a few inches from your camera and a picture of a man fishing in front of the hotel. It was a bit like this one. It's all very well being asked to photograph a sign, but if it compromises your ability to the capture the beauty of your surroundings, you come out all reluctant...

And anyone who suggests that I located the sign where I did in order to conceal the mark on my sensor is slandering me!

Last morning in Dubrovnik. Leaving very soon for the airport, hence the early blip (and yet another blip from the hotel). Next stop.... Well I'd rather not say. I'll surprise you with my "somewhere I went today" photograph tomorrow.

This image is part of a 30 day April Challenge started by some blippers/photographers in Iceland

30 day-challenge:
1. Reflection
2. Mail
3. In my neighbourhood
4. Movement
5. Tiny
6. Shadow
7. In my purse
8. Egg
9. Pattern
10. Dirty
11. Bizarre
12. Window
13. Written words
14. Relaxation
15. Transportation
16. Red
17. The last thing I bought
18. Hair
19. Summer is here!
20. Bottle
21. Before / After
22. Good times
23. Vegetables
24. I'm thankful for...
25. Breakfast
26. A sign

27. Somewhere I went today
28. At 13:00
29. Circle
30. Emotion

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