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The Very Hairy Caterpillar

Got home tonight and the rest of the family were out. I called and found out they were on their way home so I went to meet them.

Down the road there they were. We then spotted this little chap on the floor. I made sure the little ones did not touch him. If they are hairy they are not to be touched, thats the rule!

Shortly after this we realised Girl had lost her pink stone that she had just bought. I left them to go home and retraced their steps on the hunt for it. I did not found it but did find a lucky penny instead for her and told her if we found more pennies we could get another pink stone.

Lets hope the hairy caterpillar will find the stone.

As I blipped so early (for me) yesterday I had to add some adventure and a link to a wonderful picture of Boy. Please look at yesterdays blip to see it

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