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Morning in the Valley

News Flash News Flash News Flash

Received by D-mail earlier today.....Attention BlippersYou may not be aware that I have been temporally relocated at T H C (Tussocks Holiday Camp) as The Boss had to go to meet The Bossess off an aeroplane in Dunedin AND as there was other business to complete it was decided that I could take a holiday (one day) after my stupendous success of Friday.
WHAT CAN I SAY.Not only did the boss go to extraordinary lengths (You should have seen his sneakers hanging over his tripod to dry...Later shifted to the heated towel rail. Don't tell The Bossess) BUT It appears he followed my instructions well and YOUR response has been totally amazing.
I would woof a thousand times in thanks...but The Boss would probably tell me to STOP THAT NOISE!
And remembering "The Hand That Feeds" clause a different approach would just have me saying a quiet thank you. You are all wonderful folk and I think that The Boss is planning something special when I return TOMORROW.
This was taken AFTER he dropped me off at THC so I am sorry if it lacks the usual K9 quality control. It's a bit hard to get a good sniff in by D-mail.

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