By tookie

Look alike III

Kind of a series here I guess....this is Christy and her pup Seriah. Christy is the secretary where I used to work driving bus...she does an amazing job with payroll and calming down irrate parents as well as organizing so much else...she's the go to person as is often the case in a position like hers . And she is woefully underpaid as is also the case so often. But NOT undervalued by the drivers as we all knew she was the person to go to!

She recently was off work and home for six weeks from some surgery...during this time she decided a good time to get and train a they both are outside the Friday night Pub meet up we had. I think both she and her new Golden Retriever pup Seriah do share some similar qualities...their hair and vibrance for one two. Thanks to both for letting me post them. Have a good weekend blippers!

look alike II

look alike I

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