Fi's Foibles

By purpleicious

Look, no hands!

Our younger daughter came to visit us today; she was the first person that Jack met after we brought him home, & he was delighted to see her again - not least because she has far more energy & stamina for playing with him. Daughter was equally delighted to see Jack again, & was amazed by the change in him after just a few weeks; we were quietly pleased when she commented that, seeing us together, it was hard to believe that he'd been a part of our lives (and us his) for such a short time. The pair of them played with the rope for ages, & Jack demonstrated that not only can he stand on his back legs, he can walk backwards for ages - especially if his favourite toy is being dangled enticingly above him; the adoring gaze is, we suspect, a sign that he's made a new friend for life. Jack was so tired afterwards that he's been flopped out in his bed ever since, & he could barely stir himself for his last toilet outing; when he came back in, he went straight to back to bed & fell fast sleep again!

We were thinking of paying a visit to our other daughter (& grandson) tomorrow; but we're also both very tired, so may have to shelve that plan for another day.

p.s. the remainder of the dreaded filing can just be seen in the corner of the desk
p.p.s. just above the filing tray is the graduation photo (BSc Hons) of Jack's playmate; as her proud mother, I never like to miss an opportunity to show that off ;-)

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