I only flipping well ran a marathon!!

Now then

If you want to know the top ten rules of how to run a marathon they would appear to be

1: Barely sleep the night before due to excitement/constant weeing due to drinking beetroot juice ( see Friday's blip)
2: Ensure you waste time getting to the race by fannying around putting eyeliner on ( NB ensure it's none waterproof to add to " the look " later )
3: Ensure that you have booked the weather to be the coldest ever recorded for a marathon
4: Ensure that you have booked the weather to be the windiest ever recorded for a marathon
5: Ensure that you have booked the weather to be the rainiest ever recorded for a marathon
6: Ensure you wear three tops due to the unbearable cold , in an attempt to give you shelter, these will infact weigh you down when they become water logged after about 3 miles - ( good job there's only another 23.2 to go then )
7: Ensure your swearing batteries are fully loaded as you are going to need them. A lot.
8: Spend the whole time on a smiling/frowning continuum as you really don't know how you feel about the whole " journey " ( I say journey to make it more lighthearted than " torture")
9: Have an internal mantra ( other than " For Fuck's Sake ) to keep you going
10: Be determined and remember you can do it

5 hrs 15 and I did it!

I have so much more to write but am going to do all that later. Just wanted to post this to prove I survived

If you want to see the real emotions the second you cross the line then
Look here ( but please ignore the comedy hair cut! I look like all the Tory MPs did in the 80s with those swirly ice cream cone haircuts . As seen in Spitting Image )

It's over and I am so so happy and I have the most amazing friends that have supported me and thanks to all you blip people for encouraging me
Would I do it again ? No. But I do seem to have registered an interest online in the VLM ballot for next April!! Why ?????


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