All Around My Life

By TMLHereAndThere

Hardy Street at 4.47pm

Not much blippage going on today, I'm afraid. After my walk around yesterday, today turned into one of those 'communication' days that I seem to have while I'm living at this end of the planet, catching up on Skype, email and the phone with people as far apart as Bahrain, London and Christchurch.

I took a few photos this morning but wasn't particularly happy with them. Late in the afternoon as we were heading across town towards the supermarket, I noticed the sunlight shining on Hardy Street and stopped the car to take this shot. [If you look at it in LARGE you get a better feel for it]. I must admit that it's not very exciting in terms of action (well, it was just before 5pm on an autumn afternoon in Nelson, so let's be realistic!) but I've always liked the view looking East along Hardy St with the hills beyond. On the extreme right of the picture is the antiques shop where I like to go browsing from time to time and where I picked up several cups and saucers that have previously been blipped.

Although there wasn't much action here today, someone pointed out to me at the weekend that the 'Protests' must have followed me from Bahrain. Apparently there was a march of around 600 people through the centre of the city on Saturday, protesting against the Government's plans to sell state-owned assets. The Aotearoa Is Not For Sale movement organised the protest, which finished up at the steps of the cathedral listening to speeches by local MPs and signing a petition. A great blip opportunity missed, dammit!

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