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By TMLHereAndThere

NOT the plumber's legs

In a continuation of the stormwater drain saga, I could have blipped a photo of the plumber's legs today, but I won't. Nelson is a relatively small place and there are a few blippers about - it would be a shade embarrassing if someone recognised the legs! I did, however, manage to get a shot of the aforementioned limbs and it has resulted in a lively discussion on facebook.

The plumber - in fact, two plumbers, there was an extra one today - turned up this morning to put a camera down the stormwater drain. Thankfully Jonathan came along as well so he was able to do all the necessary talking and tramping about with them. He was wearing long pants but they were wearing shorts - no doubt because if their trousers get wet it's a nuisance (and anyway, it's New Zealand); though Lynley suspects it could be because the plumber in question is aware of the attributes of his calves....

Anyway, the camera. It was quite interesting watching it - just like watching keyhole surgery; endoscopy for drains. In fact, as the drains in question have the old clay pipes, even the colour was reminiscent of internal organs. What it revealed was a blockage - though it's a wee bit more complicated than that (isn't it always?!). So now they have to give us a quote for dealing with the whole problem - which will include bringing a small digger up, something that might cause a delay as apparently most of the country's diggers have gravitated towards Christchurch where they are working on post-earthquake clearing and reconstruction work.

Then the plumbers took off, but not before regaling us with some pig-hunting tales. The one with the legs is planning a pig-hunting trip down to Murchison soon because seemingly the pigs down there are great. They have interbred with domestic pigs that escaped after the Murchison earthquake of 1929, resulting in 'nice, fat piggies'! Jonathan, being a dab hand at sausage-making, offered to make some sausages in return for some wild pork. Then the other plumber told us that, having recently been chased by a wild boar that he disturbed having a drink while he was tracing a water line on a rural property, is now scared of jobs that involve walking in the bush!

Later on, I had a look in the mystery metal case full of Nicky's Canon lenses. I found one that looked interesting - being the rookie photographer that I am I had no idea what the correct use for it is, so I took it out into the garden and photographed some lavender - nice. Then I decided to go up to Princes Drive and walk along Bob's Track on the other side of the hill from where we live, in order to get some blips of a different view, for a change. It was very peaceful there in the woods. I could hear the faraway sounds of traffic drifting up and a chainsaw in the distance, but right there where I was surrounded by trees, it was very still and quiet. A little Fantail appeared and hung around for a while, flitting from treetrunk to treetrunk very close to me with its characteristic tail-twitching, 'cheeping' occasionally. They are dear little birds - we have similar ones in the garden in Bahrain.

This is a view looking across the Washington Valley to central Nelson. About a quarter of the way in from the left of the picture can be seen a tall, grey structure beside a red roof - this is the spire of the Cathedral in the centre of the city. Beyond this, extending away out of the left-hand side of the frame is the rest of the city and the sea, which I shall blip another day. The 'mystery' lens that I was using does not zoom in or out - what you see is what you get. (A bit like the plumber's legs).

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