Tay Rail Bridge

I really should tag these one day.. :)

I am disgruntled tonight - which is not like me, full stop and particularly not on a Friday

Is it better to do what you want to do and fail or do what you think you should do and fail?

This is one source of my disgruntledness

The second source is work related, so obviously I can't speak of it here or the internet police will snaffle me up and I will be out of a job and never seen again. The only thing I can say is anal... very anal..and that is all

Disgruntledness aside I am looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow afternoon will be spent with the Divas in a pub serving cocktails in the Ferry. That should smooth my ruffled feathers for sure :)

Time for a wee wine I think and some ooooming.... ah...the weekend

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