Nutty on the Inside.....

By PurpleWrapper

Yesterday, Written Today

Having made the decision to head for animal feed we were up & out bright & early.
We did a lap of the Island to get pellets as our first port of call had run out!
This in its self wasn't a huge problem as it allowed a trip to next & b&q :o)

WFish bought himself a new jigsaw thingamy and I got 2 new pairs of trousers. So both happy bunnies.
Me more so as the jig was needed to cut a cat flap size hole in the front door. Flo really is a lovely cat but the 5am wake ups are getting a bit of a bind. Obviously we had no idea if they would use a cat flap as word from their previous owner was that they'd never had one.
It didn't take long to fit and I assisted Bertie out. By the end of bird put to bed he was using it. Flo on the other hand was a lot more wary.

As planned we moved the ducklings in to their new house at bedtime. It went amazingly well and I have to admit I had a sneeky look to see what we've got.
99% sure we have 2 ducks & 1 drake :o) The drake I am 100% sure on and unless the other 2 were hiding said appendages they are girlies lol

Biscuit was on her nest when we got home, so I took this pic not wanting to disturb her too much as timing wise next egg is due between now & tomorrow am ish. She is happy as Larryetta and Tom is well just Tom :o)
Grom is doing a grand job on her eggs and now they all have corn & pellets we are all happy :o)

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