Another day goes by

By WelshSi

N is for ....

Not a good season and I am glad its over, but looking forward to the next.

Today was the end of the regular season for my team the Gwent Dragons and today we entertained Leinster. Leinster have a very strong squad, so even though they were not playing their best players they were still very strong.

The Dragons fielded several players who are leaving us, notably Luke Charteris and Aled Brew. They have been great servants to the Dragons and will be missed greatly.

The image above is one of Hallom Amos, 17 years of age. Yup, only 17 and playing regional rugby, he is a great prospect for the future and will hopefully stay with the Dragons for a few years until the big wigs wave their wallets in his direction. He is one of many up and coming Dragons who played tonight, and although we lost there is always hope.

Hope is something all fans should possess, none of this abuse from the side lines. Yes we all get stressed at watching our team mess up, but to hurl abuse at the players does not encourage them, it infact it does the complete opposite. People say they are professionals so they should take it, I say they are humans and will absorb it and it will play on their minds. I have heard that some players have left the Dragons because of our fans. Yes they are the best fans you can get when we are doing the right things, but on the flip side we can be the worst when it goes wrong.

So my thought to all the fans around the world is, when your team does something wrong, messes up or what ever, shut the F**K up unless you have something positive to say or encouragement to give.

I think the its all in the title of SUPPORTERS, support your team don't abuse them.

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