Waterfoot Sunrise

By alasdairb

Stepping Stones

I have been trying to blip the stepping stones at Waterfoot for some time now but have never managed to get the right angle on them. However, while out for my Sunday morning run I noticed that the river was exceptionally low and the stones high and almost dry in places.

I managed to get to the side of the stones on an area that is usually under a foot of water, even at low tide. This afforded a view over the stones and down the river to the houses at Waterfoot. There are childhood tales of people slipping on the wet stones and ending up in the river. However, I don't have to think back that far as I managed to fall in about 10 years ago while out for a long walk. Mrs B thought it was very funny and I did have to laugh at myself.

The stepping stones are full of history and are close to the remains of an old bridge that used to connect Waterfoot with Carradale village. The Waterfoot fishermen would use the bridge to get to and from the harbour. The suggestion has been made to build a new bridge, but there is little local support.

The rest of the day has been quite relaxing although I did sow some grass seed ahead of the rain which is forecast for tomorrow!

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