nr 6 is to blame

The box with the number 6 on it has caused some trouble..
It's a rotationg debris filter with screens on an endless chain.
The electric motor on top (shown in the middle filter) lets the screens rotate according to a certain difference in water height before and after the filter.
The debris is blasted off with water and is transported into the sea again.
Someone or something activated the so-called emergency stop of the filter but we did not get a proper alarm of that. Only a half an hour later the delta height increased rapidly and while we were trying to solve the problem the coolingwater pump tripped. At that moment unit EC 5 was thermoshocking (look here for an explanation) so we did not have enough coolingwater left.. So the unit tripped and went off the grid.
Fortunately we could solve the problems quite fast and we had the unit back on the grid in less then two hours.

Now going on with the thermoshock of EC 5 (which we had to interrupt)

Better in LARGE....

Hope there are enough green and yellow things in it, ~Robinsview!

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