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Sugar For My Sweet

I love sweets and I had lots of fun with this challenge, eating sweets as I went along shooting - a perfect combination in my opinion :)

Apparently, fizzy cola bottles are the UK's favourite sweet of all time, just ahead of it's non-fizzy alternate (Source: M&S). The list makes interesting reading and takes me back to my childhood when we spent our precious pocket money on penny sweets at the local newsagents/corner shop.

For those interested, the top 20 sweets of all time looks like this:

1. Fizzy cola bottles

2. Cola bottles

3. Rhubarbs and custards

4. Wine gums

5. Black Jacks

6. Jelly babies

7. Bon Bons

8. Chocolate raisins

9. Chocolate eclairs

10. Turkish delight

11. Sherbet lemons

12. Flying saucers

13. Aniseed balls

14. Pear Drops

15. Fruit salads

16. Chocolate limes

17. Chocolate coins

18. Percy Pigs

19. Liquorice Allsorts

20. Apple and custards

Sweet people, thanks for looking/comments/shares/favs! ;)

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