Jay Bee Day Lee Foe Tee

By jackblack

It's a Sign

Well, my Moonwalk stuff arrived today.
My number, my T-Shirt, my bra to decorate and my hat.

I have been struggling a bit this year. Weather. Sore knees. Weather. Time. Weather. Sore knee again.
Getting myself in a bit of a panic by all accounts which isn't really like me at all. I can be a bit "over organised" sometimes, but not panicky.

This is the third time I'll have done the Moonwalk so it's not as if I need to worry that I can't do it. I know I can!

So, to the hat.
My third hat.
The first hat that's had PURPLE writing on it.
As soon as I took the hat out of the packaging I knew everything would be fine someone's looking out for me and my knees x

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