Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


It’s a once a year event for me to make bread.  (some of you know how I hate cooking…!)   This Limpa (Swedish Rye) is a lot of trouble to make (by my standards).  You have to start the night before and let it rise overnight, (and I almost forgot after our anniversary dinner:-) ) add more flour in the morning, let it rise, divide into 3 loaves, let it rise, and then bake.   One has to be around the kitchen.  It’s just a tasty, anise and molasses flavored, simple bread that goes really well with this Swedish cheese.   

Why would I do this, when one can buy so much good bread?  I guess it’s the tradition -thinking about how my Dad loved it -and would have it with this cheese (which I can buy in Seattle at a Scandinavian deli) and pickled herring (which we have also) —my Mom actually after awhile bought it from a Swedish bakery in Chicago but I haven’t found one I like in Seattle.       I like these memories.     And we will enjoy it tonight with blipper Mikeday and hubby T who are coming over soon for a simple holiday cheer meal….

I bet I can count my food blips on one hand…..I’m not planning on blipping the meatballs Christmas Eve but I will be thinking of my Mom making them… :-)

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