By Peahen

Visiting Imber

Imber is a remote village in Salisbury Plain which was requisitioned by the MoD in WW2 for training US troops. The villagers, leaving their homes and instructions on what to do with their garden produce, went away. Most of the original village has been lost to time, with the exception of the shells of a few buildings and the 17th century church. Now, you can only go to Imber on days when the Mod opens the roads and authorises access and the church can open within these days.

I was lucky enough to visit this afternoon/evening with Bath Photo Walk (you can find them on Facebook). It was a moving experience, especially during the daylight. Once the sun set I was in a whole new photographic world with more light-generating goodies than I've ever seen outside of a carnival. I was also one of the lucky ones whose lenses didn't freeze - it was about minus 3 Celsius when we packed up. That said, I had to use pliers to get my camera off the tripod.

For this photo, Mike walked a square frame of blue LEDs gradually away from me, moving it as it went. My immediate reaction, once my 30 seconds or so were up, was "oooooh, Tardis!"

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