Went out for lunch with my two sons to celebrate eldest sons birthday.

We went across town to try out a new restaurant, unfortunately I didn't check if they were open, it's that strange time of year, half holiday half normal Monday! Needless to say, they weren't open!

In fact hardly anything was open so we went into an old pub nearby that my parents used to frequent when I was a small child.  I have memories of sitting in the car out the front with Mum and Nanna because women and children at that time weren't encouraged to go into the hotel. Dad would be in the front bar drinking with his friends and every now and again he would bring out a drink for us all!  Hard to believe now that was how it was back then!  I think my sons thought I was tricking them!

As we walked back to the car I noticed this very strange street art and we all took photos!  It's a little more than a hobby these days, more a way of life ... thanks Blip!

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