A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Mono Monday :: Hobby :: mm28

This MM is going to cover a number of 'hobbies' for me. 

1) Flying through the air in a tin tube, otherwise known as air travel...

My first flight was on the 1st Sept 1978. Since then I have:
# Experienced 147 take-offs & thankfully 147 landings.
# Sat in planes for 1027hrs and 45mins (flight time, not including delays, taxing etc)
# Travelled 481,047 miles (That's the same as 19.3 x around the earth!)
(FlightDiary is a good place to record your travels.)

2) I have started to produce photo books of our main trips, much smaller than the traditional albums (see my image) and fun to edit. I use VistaPrint at the moment.

3) Photography complements most of my hobbies, whether it be travel, family history, classic car restoration, woodwork, garden art, etc. 


Mono Monday. I have had a good response to my request for host to cover from February. I will contact members as we move through the months to see if they can still cover the themes etc. If you wish to have a go just say so and I'll add you to a list. Sometimes things happen and we may need someone to jump in and cover.

Next Week's MM Challenge will be NEW. 


On a personal note.

My niece, Bex, has released her band onto the world today. They are giving away their first single for download free. This is an all girl band from the same studio and producer who started Busted. 

If you want to have a listen then check out their website and even download the song. If you have family members who like this sort of thing please let them know. It is hoped the band will do very well.

The band: The Cassettez

The song: X-Ray Eyes

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