The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

New Years Eve Party People

And so 2014 begins to slip into the history books.

We were holding the party this year in our house. I'm never one for going out on New Years Eve, and to be totally honest with you, I can take or leave New Years night, I much prefer the build up to Christmas Day. A house party is the way to do it for me, and it's what we, as a family, have pretty much always done.

So our party people are, from left to right, starting with my brother sat on the bean bag, his wife Sarah, my niece Maisie, my wife Dawn, Me!, my mum, my other niece, Megan (sat on the other bean bag), my dad, and my mum and dad's neighbours, Marilyn and Clive.

There was plenty of things to entertain us as we watched the clock tick towards midnight. What none of us expected to happen was Megan and Maisie painting all our finger nails .. or even more worryingly, my brother insisting he did his own!

As is normally the way, Jools Holland took us out of 2014 and into a brave new year ...

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