tyin' knots

By caj

in the dark

Okay, so my camera date was set so that it thought it was tomorrow - must have made that mistake when I returned from Europe. So my photo for Jan 4 should actually be here on the 3rd and this photo was actually taken today, on Jan 4, 2015. Too bad Blip, won't let me delete and fix this -  alas, I've fixed the date in my camera, so I shouldn't make that mistake in the future!

Anyway, I read a blog post today that a photographer had written, to explain the challenge she created for herself, after she completed a 365. She decided to focus on one aspect of composition and become comfortable with it - in her case it was centered focal points.  I am going to try to "focus" my 365 on elements as well, so that I can be sure to be learning something along the way here. I'm thinking Unfavorable lighting situations will be my first challenge, since my house is dark and by the time I remember to take a photo in the winter - it's dark outside.  Today's photo I pretty much did everything "wrong" - no tripod, and bumped my ISO very high to compensate for that. It didn't turn out too blurry, but I can still see it, guess I'll have to get my tripod permanently attached to the camera for a little while *_*  

Deer part 2 is loving his life here at camp! He only came into being because deer part 1 was poached on Halloween in Laramie.  Hopefully part 2 has a much longer life span! 

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