tinder dry

The grass here doesn't look too bad, but when we drove to Hanmer Springs two weeks ago everywhere was green and lush, however that has been replaced by tinder dry brown paddocks. A few days of 30+ temperatures plus some strong winds has changed the landscape significantly.  We are starting to get fires near towns in Canterbury and McKenzie country, but fortunately we don't get fires like Australia which is having a terrible time with temperatures in the 40's and huge bush fires.

This is for s2 who tried find this image 3 years ago when he was here for xmas, but the best we could find then was 'very high', and today is the first time since then that I have seen 'extreme'.

There was an earthquake near Arthurs Pass at 6.50 this morning, magnitude 6, but fortunately there was no damage, and we didn't feel anything at home.

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