Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

First roast meal of the year...

This was supposed to be had yesterday when G had an unexpected day off because her student didn't show up; but by the time she had done her after-school tutoring, she was too hungry to wait for a roast to cook, so we went out.

Today she came home straight from school but still had a student later on in the evening. I came home and was given instructions on what to do when i.e. switch the oven on; then 45 minutes later, the cooker for the vegetables... no problem... except there was so much traffic out there, G was delayed by 30 minutes right away. I had followed my instructions and switched the oven on... so what to do apart from phone a friend? I could see the potatoes well on their way to getting brown.

Problem solved by turning the oven way down and making the best guess for the other things and G got back to find a perfectly cooked dinner!! Such skill! :D  Not!!  Well, on the part of G for doing all the prep in the first place.

It was extremely delicious.

I DO love taking pictures of my food. 8-|

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