On Golden Pond (or river in this case)

I was at the river this morning at around 5.20 as the sky from home looked quite interesting. In fact, we had a fog!!  Yesterday was a warm  one of nearly 36deg and then it cooled rapidly towards evening.

 So, I head to my favourite probably boring spot, only to see the city enclosed by fog. 

These pied stilts were making so much noise as they breakfasted, I couldn't resist them. 

I took many images of the foggy city but the Driver and I decided this was "the one" for today :)

 If we had our blipfolios, I could chuck some others up of the rare fog (for these parts) but we don't, so I can't.

Edit: - Apparently this is my 400th consecutive blip !
That has got to be a good thing - I do enjoy the wonderful people whom I have "virtually" met.  You're a great mob :)

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