Trapped by Time

By inkstainedthumb

Evening Traffic

Its midnight and I'm wide awake, despite being exhausted. I guess its got a few reasons behind it. The Discipleship Training School DTS that started last August had their graduation earlier and that didn't end until quite late. I also have quite a lot going on in my head at the moment and being a deep thinker, it can take a while to unpick the mental mess. It can also be quite a slow process, because (when I'm tired) parts of my mind don't seem to work properly. When extreme exhaustion kicks in, then I'll sleep almost anywhere.

Today's been quiet. I helped cook lunch, did work duties, dropped some clothes off at a charity shop and headed to Notting Hill a while before the graduation as I wanted to try and process stuff mentally, over a coffee.

This photo is kinda self explanatory. I just had to take a snap the London traffic when I was on route to Notting Hill, from the upper deck of a 52 bus (front row view, lucky me).

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