Trapped by Time

By inkstainedthumb

365 Days On

Its been a year now, since that day I decided to start blipping. I'd heard about Blipfoto before after stumbling over the blip journal that belonged to a friend's friend. I'd wanted to open an account but had the wrong software on my tablet (so couldn't upload photos on my tablet). After the much needed software update, I got Blipfoto. There have been a lot of prejudice and misunderstanding from people who didn't see why I 'had' to take a photo a day and post it here, they didn't get why I was doing this. They saw photography as a hobby but not generally to be used on day to day, especially when there were more 'important' things to do.

Its been like that with my coffee too. I've been drinking coffee regularly since I was fourteen. It became a problem in boarding school when I was seventeen as I was drinking too many cups in a day. I reduced it a lot after I left boarding when I was eighteen. Though I didn't stop drinking it in the morning. When I was in the Netherlands when I was nineteen, it was part of the culture. There was almost always coffee about, so I drank more coffee. Brazil was the same when I was there for three months (I turned twenty soon after I arrived). I did stop a couple of months after I got to South Africa, but after all the diets I've been on, I didn't see a need to give up something after I'd given up so much already. So I started drinking coffee again. I have had days when I've had to go without due to other reasons, or got given dicaffe instead (I didn't understand why I wanted to cry that day until I got told I hadn't been given real coffee). I just love Starbucks and have been contemplating collecting their cups that have a city on it, so generally when I visit that city, I just pay a visit to one of the Starbucks branches and that's another one added to my collection.

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