Good Morning, World

Yesterday evening was crazy! We had a scavanger hunt in London, so had to go and do certian tasks, but to get to the different places, we had to crack some riddles first. I say 'we' because of the other Discipleship Training School DTS staff and I were shadowing the two teams of students. It meant that, to begin with, we weren't allowed to help or say anything about what we were doing to the students. It was hard. In the end we could help them because of the time. We left at the house at 19.00 (7:00pm for those who the 12 hour clock) and didn't get back to about midnight. So I was in bed at about 01.00.

This morning I crawled out of bed a bit too early so I could wake up properly. We had sports today and given my rocky relationship with sports (and the cold), I wasn't looking forwards to it. I used to make excuses to get out of it but I had a shock this morning when I got on the scales. I have to run more often. It was during the third part of my run when I saw this sun rise and had to take a photograph. I knew straight out that it was going to be my photo of the day from the moment I took it.

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