Twisty Trees

An odd sort of day - a few little jobs achieved.

I went to the recycling site to take a load of large cardboard boxes that were cluttering up the garage. I called in to a garden centre to buy a large sack of bird seed - the birds are eating us out of house and home at the moment.

On the way back I stopped to photograph the church at Thorp Arch and this was going to be my blip. I have blipped it before but from a different angle.

However when I was out with the dogs this afternoon we stopped briefly under these trees and I was amazed at the mass of twisty branches all picked out against the blue sky. So I pointed the camera upwards and snapped them for my blip.

Later on I popped out to Wetherby for a few bits and the drove back via the twisty country lanes - I spotted a couple of potential blips so that was quite useful!

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