Here Comes the Rain!

Aim high! - then you wont shoot yourself in the foot.
Kiwi Bushman

I heard the 'Kiwi Bushman' come out with the above comment on TV this evening. It's so true!! A really thought provoking analogy.

There was a dramatic sunrise this morning, which promised the weather which duly arrived quite soon. We had some heavy rain at first and then into the afternoon. Probably not enough for the farmers and not enough to break the drought. But yay! there's more forecast, so that will help. They forecasting heavy rain and gales for the Canterbury headwaters - the rivers will run dirty, for sure.

Thanks everyone for the lovely response to yesterday's  'And the fog rolled in .....'   I was delighted that you picked up on the drama of it all - it certainly had everyone up on the hill talking about it.

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