Delph Wynd Daily

By delphwynd


Another year. A special one, shared with someone special.

Kids did us proud, table set and candles lit when we arrived home. Champagne and a delicious steak meal served with willing wine waiters on hand. 

All this followed by a trip down memory lane with a perfect wee highlights reel of the past thirty years put together by our resident Powerpoint wizard, then a look back at some shonkily shot VHS footage of our wedding day on a wild March day, much like today, from back in 1990. Looking through that we so would've done everything differently if we did it all again. Apart from the important bit of course.

Hez, Euan and Grant, you excelled at being the best kids tonight. (And that was a bit of pepper or something that got in my eye earlier, honest). Thanks guys. XXX.

And, Samantha. Well... you know. X

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