At some point during the course of my life, we have moved on from being given gifts on your birthday to giving others gifts because it is your birthday!

ZQ insisted on me buying these doughnuts to give to his classmates........because it is his birthday on Sunday!!?? In the past we have had birthday parties which each child
left with an Easter egg (better than a rubbish party bag!!!!) but now the 'done thing' is to take things into school for friends on your birthday! I hate "keeping up with the joneses" as I'm fashionably unfashionable at heart, but when you have kids you have to toe the line......

In other news:

I am rather saddened by the news coming out re: the recent plane crash in the Alps :(

I managed my first 'run' of the week, albeit punctuated by coughing breaks!

Noo doesn't have any new chickenpox spots today!!!!! Woohoo

GravyC and I are still in competition for the 'worst cough' award......

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