Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Caerphilly Castle Maintenance

Well, we got home about 2am and by the time we sorted things out it was about 3am before we got to bed. I was up about 8am as there was a few things to do. First off was to fill in the insurance claim form with supporting documents to claim back the medical treatment whilst we were away.

Last year I drove around in my Smart four2 for two weeks before I realised the MOT had expired. On getting back and checking the calendar I saw it had expired on 27th March. Not so bad this year. On the way to the supermarket I popped in and they could fit me in at 4pm.

The garage isn't too far from the castle, so rather than wait nervously whilst they poked and prodded  my baby I took a walk around the castle. I see it's undergoing some more restoration. Before the turn of the last century, many local people robbed the castle of it's stone, so now that failure to preserve it, is costing Cadw (who maintain it) a fortune. 

I took a blip photo from the East Main Tower of the inner Gatehouse which shows the scaffold up. I managed to capture a bird flying past which adds to the picture.

My baby passed the MOT and I was happy to hand over £45 for the certificate of worthiness. No restoration needed for me!

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