Feeding Time

We took Sylvia and Arthur to the Caenhill Countryside Centre to feed the lambs this afternoon.

Arthur tried to help himself to a bottle or two! Luckily we had a bottle packed for him.

As I walked home from town today, I saw a Duck and her ducklings fly down from a tree in the carpark by the canal. There were about 12 ducklings. One poor creature landed badly and broke its back. The mother was going potty! She gathered the others and they followed her across the carpark and into the canal leaving the poor broken duckling behind. I picked him up so he would not get squashed but he had already died. I have seen such activity on David Attenborough (type) shows but didn't realise that UK Mallards also lay their eggs up high. I was in too much awe and wonder (then sadness) to think about getting a photograph. But what a privilege to have witness such an event.


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