If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Ullswater South Shore.

As I mentioned yesterday, we had more gardening to do at the Lodge.  So I started that while Clickychick  went shopping.As we had had a slow start this took her up to lunch time.  After lunch we both continued with our various jobs.

Around 3:30 it began to get very cold so we decided to call it a day, have a cuppa and then go looking for a blip.  The Lodge is positioned at a place which makes trips on the south side of the lake more convenient than when we start from home.  CC was still wanting a blip which she had in her head so we made our way back to Sharrow Bay.

I spent my time looking west for my shots.  So this one is looking west (basically) from Sharrow Bay towards the Helvellyn range.

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