Information Retrieval

By Syetuttle

St Paul's

Took an unusual trip to the Burleydam garden centre after picking up the Tuttles from work/school. Tuttle jnr bought a load of gadgets for his budgie, Micky. While they shopped around I took some shots of the nearby church St Paul's in Little Sutton. Went for the big stopper for a change (from Infrared) as the fluffy cloud skimmed across the skies.
Then we ended up having a coffee/Oasis/cake and had a few fits of gigges.

On the open/closed issue on gates: fellow blipper Schubert made an interesting comment yesterday. Some competition judges prefer gates to be shut, others like 'em open. In my case here the (twin) gates are either half open/closed or open and closed, which will surely make the judge stutter for words.....?

Alternative take

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