Time for some......


Two men on guitars and Hurley here on the conga drum with a dazzling smile forming the group called Son Tumbao, really getting a beat going at the Lyttleton farmers market this morning.

I had a wonderful day with fellow blipper JMK starting at Lyttelton farmers market and the port. The morning was bright and sunny with just a slight breeze coming off the harbour.

We then moved on to a place in Christchurch called Swan Lake, a private residence with an amazing garden and pond with white swans opened to the public. Swans don't seem to like me, they're either chasing me or going for my toes, thank goodness I didn't have jandals on today!

And then we went to the lovely tranquil gardens at Mona Vale. People were out and about, enjoying picnics, walking dogs, jogging and taking photos. At Mona Vale I found autumn in all is glory, bright reds, dazzling yellows and golds and amber, all was calm with some lovely reflections  in the lily pond. It was cloudy on arrival but then late afternoon as we were leaving the sun broke through and was so intense, we lingered some more, as you do.......

Thanks so much J for an awesome day :)

My extra photos are:
Statue of EROS at Mona Vale
Picnicking at Mona Vale
Autumn Reflections at Mona Vale

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