Day Off

Where to begin. It's been one of those days when we've had a free day but we took a bus around a nearby lake, to see some sites. It was really nice, but I found it hard going because of the commercialisation of these places. People were making money off the devout and the tourists. If you wanted to see these once beautiful places you had to go past the shops (selling the same things) and into the churches, which adorn these places.

We went to this 'river' (it was more of a stream) and baptised two of our group. I'm not going into the politics of baptism or what I think. Different churches have different views on it and I really don't want a discussion to start here about what everyone thinks.

After that we went to the nearest city for a while before heading home. One of the guys had cut his foot open on a rock so we picked a nurse friend of ours up so she could check his foot. Thankfully no stitches needed but he's now on antibiotics. I took this photo from the bus as we were sitting, on the side of the road, waiting for the nurse to arrive.

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