Harry Potter and poo bags

Essentially the two themes of the last month. I'm updating a wee book for my mum on how to care for the animal when we go on holiday next month. We wrote this some months back for our friends when they dog-sat and updating this today I made myself chuckle at my own HP joke. Yesska thinks I'm ridiculous - everyone laughs at their own jokes, don't they?

In other news, I've just received a phishing scam email supposedly from HM Revenue and Customs. I'm apparently "aligible for a tax refund". I checked the HM Revenue Customs website and there's an email address you can report such emails to- so I forwarded said email and instantly received another email from their "MailMarshal" saying that a virus had been detected (no shit!) and the email couldn't be sent! So what was the point in that then?

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