Garden Flowers

It's my last full day here in London. It's sad. Today's schedule has looked a lot like yesterday's, except we've had to do a deep clean today instead normal work duties as the landlady's coming tomorrow and we want the house to be clean for her. Its a bit crazy because she decided to come at the last minute and there wasn't anything anyone could do get her to come on another day. So tomorrow's schedule will change based on her imminent arrival (we aren't sure exactly when she's going to arrive).

I took this photo after I'd phoned my mum as I don't have anything better to blip. I've posted before that I like seeing flowers growing, rather than in vases. So it's nice have some flowers in the garden this time of year.

I'm all ready to leave tomorrow. Just need to get my suitcases from the shed. I should probably do that now, as I'm not sure what's happening tomorrow.

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