Graduation (& 500)

It's with great joy, love and pride that I've been able to witness these seven students graduate to the next chapter in their relationships with God. I've seen them grow, step up to the challenges they faced and still stand victorious at the end of it. So often over the last five months they've taken the bull by the horns as it were and they're still smiling at the end of it, because they fought and won. It was hard saying good bye to them because I've come to love each one of these precious people dearly (I guess that's what comes when you live so closely for so long). They're off on their next adventures! I'm looking forwards to hearing from them.

I'm also glad that today makes my 500 blipping milestone. I didn't count properly last week and thought I'd hit the milestone next week, but I'm actually really glad that these seven were able to be the ones to grace such a big blipping milestone.

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